In Need Of Your Prayers
Please Keep The Following In Your Prayers

 Mary Jane Lojewski  

George Maurer  

Betty Whalen and her daughter-in-law  

Charlotte Essuman  

Barbara Davis   

The family of Terry Hargadon's brother-in-law 

Faith Bruce  

Mujeeba Raheem

Marlene Martin

Amber Murry 

Elly Brown

Bill Utasi
Dorothy Smith


 Grace Farkas  

Eric Ceaser   

Charelle Cooper & Jackie McFarland 

Terry Hargadon's sister-in-law 

Karen Duffy 

Jeremy Novack  

Frankie Lindsey 

Carlestine Parker and Family

Betty Kleber's daughter Laura
Please contact the church office (732-249-8674) with anyone you would like to have placed on the prayer list or anyone you know who would like to receive communion at home. A complete list of prayer requests is available on the table in the Narthex and in the bulletin on the first Sunday of each month.